Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easy Socks KAL

I'm in a yahoogroup full of lovely knitters called Easy Socks. Umm the group is called Easy Socks, the clue if they are Easy or not. LOL

Anyway, we do KAL every couple of months, and I really do enjoy them. I don't always get them finished or posted, but I do most of them.

This time we're doing Alli's Anklets, which can be found here: I remember going into my LYS last year for the yarn and buying Plymouth Jeannee worsted as a substitute. So I'm all set for this KAL!

I have one scheduled for Sept/Oct, and I do have a couple of things in mind. Something a bit more challenging, but not so challenging to make you tear your hair out.

I think what intimidates most people who are new to sock knitting (or circular knitting in general) is using double points, not the size of the needles or yarn. But if you've done any circular knitting at all, the pattern I'm thinking of will be a snap.

Speaking of easy socks.....this pattern looks really cute and even easier than the one I'm probably going to do.

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