Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Jiffy Socks!

These are just like the blue ones in a previous post. More "big fuzzy sleep socks" for Christmas. These really do work up quickly, I think I finished this pair in an evening. It's odd how one "pooled" more than the other in some places. I like the way the diagonal stripes ended up on the leg. Very different design than the blue ones, which weren't striped at all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lacy Wool Ease Socks from KAL

The Lacy Wool Ease socks. Finished!

This pattern was from a KAL (knit along) on the EasySocks yahoogroup. (an aside here to say what a really, really nice bunch of knitters on that group. I'm on several groups, and this one is really good for beginners with a lot of questions. This group is very helpful and always a pleasure to read. I'm sure that's down to the mods.) The way a KAL works is that your group chooses a pattern and everyone works on that for a certain month. Duh, yeah I know, but I didn't know that before I started this nonsense! lol

Anyway, the pattern was a freebie on the net:
You know me....I'm always up for the easy way out. I didn't do the pattern on the foot part of the sock. I knew they would be too thick for me, and that my SIL would end up with them for Christmas. I used one of the double stranded colors (not variegated) Wool Ease yarns, and I find out later it's thicker than the single color yarn. I think they turned out pretty nice, though. They do match, I just stuffed one of them with something to show off the "lace" pattern.