Monday, October 15, 2007

Lacy Wool Ease Socks from KAL

The Lacy Wool Ease socks. Finished!

This pattern was from a KAL (knit along) on the EasySocks yahoogroup. (an aside here to say what a really, really nice bunch of knitters on that group. I'm on several groups, and this one is really good for beginners with a lot of questions. This group is very helpful and always a pleasure to read. I'm sure that's down to the mods.) The way a KAL works is that your group chooses a pattern and everyone works on that for a certain month. Duh, yeah I know, but I didn't know that before I started this nonsense! lol

Anyway, the pattern was a freebie on the net:
You know me....I'm always up for the easy way out. I didn't do the pattern on the foot part of the sock. I knew they would be too thick for me, and that my SIL would end up with them for Christmas. I used one of the double stranded colors (not variegated) Wool Ease yarns, and I find out later it's thicker than the single color yarn. I think they turned out pretty nice, though. They do match, I just stuffed one of them with something to show off the "lace" pattern.


Knitting Rose said...

Wow - You did a great job!! that yarn does look pretty thick - but I did my first ones in WoolEase too & I love them.

fab said...

Thanks so much! I might relent and do another pair-they really were quick and easy. ;)