Friday, March 20, 2009

Nice day out! and a "meow" :P

I belong to a rather large quilt guild here in St Louis, Thimble & Thread, and the biannual quilt show is this weekend. I used to be a vendor at the show, selling Longaberger, but the last couple of weekends didn't work out for me, not to mention the vendor fee was $120 this year! Yikes!

I have this "friend" that I'm always calling, asking to do something, etc. She will say yes, and then right before time to pick her up or time she's expected at my house, she'll cancel for some dumb reason or another. No, it's not just me, this same thing has been going on with her and her DH as long as we've known them, which I guess is about 30 years, and they do this with everyone.

She used to be in the quilt guild, and in fact, is the one that got me interested in quilting again 20 years ago. I talked to her a week or so ago, reminded her that our guild mtg was last Friday and that the show was this weekend. I invited her to ride along with me, because I know she doesn't like to drive. She said she'd give me a call, etc. Well, of course, she never fact, the joke around here is "did ____ call?" because she never does. Anyway, imagine my *surprise* to see her as soon as I walked in the door this afternoon! I touched her arm and said something like, "oh hi, ___, you should have called me like you said you were going to, and I'd have gladly picked you up today." "Oh, well I am here with a friend. But I will call you next week and we'll do lunch." "Oh, that would be great, you call me when it's convenient for you, and I'll meet you somewhere." She pretty much blew me off, and I could almost believe she was a bit embarrassed about it. Hmm probably not! lol When I got home and told the DH, he couldn't believe I would even talk to her. Well, I was being a bit of a bitch, because it's the same old song and dance with her. She's always going to call, never does. I call, she doesn't call me back. You'd think I'd take the hint, right? LOL If it were anyone else, my feelings would be hurt..... :P

Now that I think of it, this post is probably better suited to the usual atmosphere on LJ. ROFL

Anyway, back to the's always a nice show, lots of quilts, demos, raffles, consignment, vendors, all the good stuff you go to quilt shows for! I made a beeline for a specific vendor that I'd bought some really yummy hand dyed yarn from two years ago. I loved working with it and wanted some more. I sought out her booth, and was disappointed to see that she didn't have any yarn on display. Thankfully she had brought it, but didn't have enough booth space to display it, so I was able to get first crack at it! I bought some really beautiful orange/yellow/red and some chunky natural that I think will make a great hat.

My friends Monica and Cindy have quilts in the show. (I haven't shown any in a few years since I got sidetracked by knitting again.) Cindy also has a quilt entered into Paducah (the AQS show) this year, so I think I'm going to go see that. I'm planning on meeting Nicolette at the show if she can get away from her job hunt.

Here's a pic of Monica and one of her quilts. I'm going back Sunday to see the rest of the show and can hopefully get some more pics.

After we looked around the show for a couple of hours, we all went to dinner at Olive Garden. Monica had picked up her mom for the afternoon, and we three had a lovely time!

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