Monday, February 25, 2008

Austermann step socks

This is the first time I've used this yarn and I have to say, I really like it. It has aloe vera embedded in the fiber and it's really nice to work with. Nice and easy on the hands. And it works up nicely, too. I just did a regular 2x2 rib for the cuff, then stockinette for the foot. I CO 64 stitches and used 1's and short row heel. I am doing the toes a bit differently than what I've seen in patterns. When I've done most of the foot, I start my decreases normally....every other round. After I get to about 1/2 the stitches on each needle (8 each in this case), I start dec every round. Then I'm left with 4 st on each two needles, and do the Kitchener/graft stitch at that time. The toes end up looking nicer, IMHO, and they don't have those annoying square "ears" like most socks do.

The first shot looks very washed out, and the second is too yellowish. Flash/no flash.

I've since started another pair in the red/black/grey colorway, and am almost done with those. I made them about 2 inches longer.

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