Friday, January 02, 2009

More 2008 projects....

I finished these for my mom the day before she got here for Christmas! She really likes red, so I chose this yarn for her. It's Lana Grosse Multiringel in colorway 5030 reds. She chose yarn for her socks when she was here in the summer and I thought this was what she wanted. HOWEVER.....I just found a skein of some blue/aqua/teal/red that was stashed away in my knitting basket. I think I had that saved back for her and forgot all about it! LOL Oh well, not a biggie, she's called me twice to tell me how much she loves them. And this way, I can do these for her birthday in May.

I made these for my brother for Christmas. When he opened them, I could kind of tell that he wasn't as thrilled as I'd pair HE gets! LOL

My DSIL is a big shot at UT (Go Vols!), so I made these to keep her feet warm at football games. Since she's a big shot (Vice Chancellor), she is expected to at least show up for kickoff. They are simply 2x2 rib on the leg and top of foot. When I chose yarn, my brother pointed out that there are several oranges, and if I'd chosen the wrong one, they'd be completely unwearable.....LOL UT orange, Texas Orange, Clemson Orange, Florida Orange....etc, etc. I haven't heard any negative comments on these, so I'm going to assume they are okay. Come to think of it, I haven't heard any positive comments, either, so I'm not sure what to think about that.....

These are mine-from Colinette Jitterbug. I used a basket weave type pattern for the cuff. Again, nothing fancy, but just something from one of those stitch pattern books. There isn't nearly as much yardage in Jitterbug as other yarns, but since I like short socks, it wasn't a problem. I have maybe 10 yards left!

I'm starting out 2009 with several things still OTN: the DH's navy tweed socks, a couple of the flatfeet socks (one is pink, the other is a fall colorway), some offwhite Regia cotton lace socks, some short lace socks out of Regia bamboo/cotton/wool, and a scarf from Oatmeal Cascade 220, an offwhite sport weight lace scarf, and probably others that I can't remember.

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