Friday, August 31, 2007

Jiffy Thick and Quick/Red Heart Strata socks

The other socks.....

The first pair shown was made from Jiffy Thick and Quick, using the same pattern as the Sharpe socks. That pattern is easy and using that thick yarn makes them go very quickly. Duh, maybe that's why it's called "Thick and Quick" lol Anyway, these fit even nicer than the worsted weight version, so I'll probably do a bunch of these for my SIL and Mom for Christmas. And who knows, if someone is extra nice to me, he/she might get a pair too!

The second pair is using Red Heart Strata Stripes, which is also worsted weight. I used a different pattern for this pair. This pair will probably go to my SIL or my Mom, because they are a bit big for me. I will use this pattern again, but will do the heels differently and also do some more decreases when I get to the foot part. The heels look a bit funky in the picture, but they aren't quite that weird in "real life."

They haven't been washed yet, but since they are acrylic, they most likely won't shrink or change shape much. But what's so cool is the way the striping works out. I used two separate skeins and fussily started the two at the same point in the yarn pattern, but they really do match quite closely.

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