Tuesday, February 16, 2010

KAL finished!

I finished these socks for the EasySocks group over a week ago, but am just now getting around to uploading the photo.

The group had been pretty slow, which isn't too surprising since it was Christmas, so the owner started a "Resurgence KAL" to get everyone back in the swing of things. The rules were simple- the project had to be socks (duh), had to be started after her announcement, we had to post a photo of them in progress, and they have to be finished by the 28th of Feb.

Mine are Magic Stripes Denim colorway for ME! :D It's probably my fave sock pattern-simple 2x2 rib on cuff and st st foot.

I'm only posting the finished socks here-the others are on the yahoogroup site.

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