Friday, July 17, 2009

Ravelry name change

I changed my name on Ravelry.....that's about the most excitement I've had all day. If you have Chosenlass listed as a friend, you'll now see JanaKay. I just felt that more people could find me if I used a variation of my real name!

I know....big whoop....

Okay for the knitting portion of the blog-

I finished my Kalahari bag, and thanks to Sherry's wonderful portable washing machine, it's felted! It looks great, I can't wait to use it. I have the straps knitted, but not felted yet. I really didn't know how long to make them, so I think once they are felted, I can decide. They really turned out nice. I think about 1/2 of the group is done with the bags, but there are quite a few less attendees than when we first started. All of the bags are really beautiful, and it is really neat to see all the color choices. I think most of us have ordered another round of Nature Spun for another bag! LOL

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