Thursday, November 15, 2007

More fingerless mitts!

Yeah, I'm loving these! My hands are cold and I don't like wearing regular gloves when I knit or type on the computer. (well duh, that's why people do these, right?) So I made another pair. (and in a day or two, you'll see yet another pair from Regia Stretch.....another story)

I used the same pattern I used for the Magic Stripes pair from a previous post. But this time I made them a bit smaller. I CO 56 and decreased to 42 after the ribbing. There is plenty for a pair of socks. I don't think I used 1/2 the ball for the mitts. Wondering now if I can get a hat out of the rest of that ball. I guess I'll try measuring it my spare time. lol

I love the yarn and I have another ball of it in a different colorway. It's so soft that I kind of thought it might not be a good one for socks. It's hand painted fine merino socks from Lanartus in the turquiose/fuscia/blue/purple/pink/lavender colorway. The next set will be from the same yarn in the variegated blues. And I think I will do the thumb a bit differently. I like the rolled edge, but maybe I'll do one w/o that next time. Maybe a couple of ribbing rounds before the bindoff. They look like they are a bit different in size, but I think it's because one of them was tried on more.

Ooooh I love this yarn! And if it weren't so expensive, I'd be tempted to do a sweater from it.
Did I mention I love this yarn?


Diane said...

Ya know what..I never could figure out the WHY of fingerless mittens until your post...of course it makes sense if you're hands are still cold but you still need the touch of your fingers....

Thank you for your blog!!!! An Ah-Ha moment!

fab said...

LOL "Why" because then you don't have to mess with fingers. ROFL I've also learned that shorter hand sections are easier to actually wear/use on the computer and/or with needles. But it's just as easy to scrunch them. Glad you enjoyed reading!