Monday, September 17, 2007

Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Socks

More socks! Pairs #4 and 5....I think. :P

These are both made with Moda Dea "Sassy Stripes" yarn. It's soft and the striping is pretty neat, but if you'll look carefully, the two socks in each pair don't really match. Yes, they are all the same dye lot (respectively of course), but one of the blue striped socks has way more yellow, and the colors in the red/pink socks aren't very true either. Naturally the lighting isn't perfect, but you can still get the idea. Another thing that was really weird was that the pink/red yarn is really a lot thinner than the other one. So there was a bit of adjustment on the second pair. I'm not complaining at all. I look at it as a learning experience. I'm sort of tired of hearing people whine about such and such, so I hope I don't come across like that when I describe this yarn.

However, I'm sort of glad I didn't pay for this yarn. Some kind soul gave it to me from her stash. I'm wondering how they will wash. Instructions call for machine wash, and dry flat. That seems odd to me since they are 100% acrylic. I'll probably forget and throw them in the dryer. (note-I've washed and dried them several times and they haven't shrunk or faded.)

But you know, they turned out pretty nice actually. I used bits and pieces of patterns from some leaflets I'd gotten at my yarn shop (sorry, LYS is the proper acronym/jargon), as well as some patterns online. I really like the way the heels turned out. Those heel instructions are from and the Ambrosia sock specifically. You know I'd probably better write the pattern down before I forget what I actually did. :P

Oh well, you know, they're free socks and I'll wear them proudly. lol

I've been starting a stash, so not sure what I'll do next. I think I'm very nearly ready for some size 0's and some of that really cool sock yarn I've been fondling.

Now I need to finish the KAL from the EasySocks list. More on that later. ;)