Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas donations

One of my friends has designated me as the "Hat Queen" since I've done so many. Well, now that my church is collecting hats, scarves, mitts, gloves for Christmas, I guess I'll be knitting more. :D

We're also collecting for the church's charitable organization, so if you'd like to help us buy some buffalo, please stop by here: and designate Kirkwood congregation.


I'm very sad today, because one of my favorite knitting buddies passed away a couple of days ago. She was a very nice Aussie woman who moved here after WWII as a war bride. She and her daughter are in my knitting guild, and she also knit with me at my library group.

She will be missed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Looks like I'm a pink freak, but I'm not!

The first one is plain pink sock yarn that I bought to do some pink ribbon socks, but never got around to doing.

Next one is a simple feather and fan pattern using Lion Brand microspun.

Last one is Lion Brand Organic Cotton, pattern from the Lion Brand website called Edith Shawl. It was very easy as well. I made mine longer and wider by adding 2 more balls of yarn, and one more repeat in the width. It needs to be blocked!

Even more hats!

These are for charity. My library group does a lot of knitting and crocheting for charity, and these went to the child services group that collects at Christmas time.

The beige fleck one at the top is a mock cable, the rest are all stockinette. All of the yarn is Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn." I do like that yarn, but am disappointed that it seems to go up in price every time I'm in the store.


You all know how I love making hats! This is a really easy pattern using chunky yarn. You CO 68 stitches on 11s, do 2x2 rib for about 1 1/2", then increase to 77 stitches, knit all around on 13s. Knit until you have about 6 inches or so, then start decreasing until you have to use DPNs, then finish off.

The yarns, from top left, clockwise, are Sensations Angel Hair Red multi from Jo-Ann, some hand-dyed I bought on Etsy, and Nikki by Cascade-

Christmas socks-2

These are for Christmas presents-my SIL, me! and brother. You've already seen the ones for my Mom.

I'm not sure how I feel about the hot pink background, but I was getting tired of the off white afghan I usually use. I'm also not sure how I feel about the middle ones, because they sort of remind me of Red Hat colors. lol Sure, I'm mature enough to join, but don't really fancy being in the group. I hate that yarn, though. I've bitched about it before. It's from Mary Maxim, and while it's nice enough to use, I had to rewind one of the balls to make sure the stripes would match! Yes, they were wound in opposite directions. Actually, 3 of the pairs I bought had to be rewound.

some finished items-part one

Wow-what a catchy title! But seriously, it's exciting enough when one finishes something, so that should be sufficient. :)

Scarves were knit for either a shop owner friend or charity. I haven't had a chance to price them yet, so if she doesn't want them, I'll either give them away to the kids' group or maybe put them on Etsy.