Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More socks!

I finished the blue and purple Magic Stripes socks last night-they are for MEEEEE!!!!!

Same basic pattern-2x2 rib for 4 inches, then stockinette for an inch, short row heel, foot for 5", then toe, then BAM we have sox!!!

I also finished Ned's socks the other day. He wears about a size 10 shoe. I barely had about 10 yards of yarn left. I'd used Jawoll green/brown/blue stripes, CO 72 on 0's. Nice yarn, but next time I think I'll make his a bit shorter. I was sweating it out toward the end there. :D You'll notice the toes are different. I'd unspun a bit in between socks to make them match and that was the left over. Close enough for toes, right? ;)
Color is a lot darker/brighter in person. Now he says he's a professional model since his legs are on the net. lol